The Lion King on Broadway

I have long awaited the opportunity to see The Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway. I had been told about the beautiful costumes, the choreography, singing, and overall atmosphere during this show. As the show begins, singers enter down the aisles. There were actually a couple of times during the show when cast members entered down the aisles, so if you have a seat on the floor, it is good to be near the end. We sat on the third row, and we put our two children on the end because we were told some of the cast members would be entering from the aisles, and the kids might enjoy it. My entire family enjoyed The Lion King.

The Lion King on Broadway

The play mirrored the movie except for a couple of funny lines from the actors. This show especially took my youngest captive because there were two young children (Albert Rhodes [young Simba] and Nia Thompson [young Nala]) in the show. These children were amazing on stage. Actually, the entire cast was amazing on stage. My youngest was also in love with the dancers during this show and The Wiz. She had just completed her spring recital at her dance studio prior to us visiting New York. So, the dancers on Broadway were a special treat for her.

The Minskoff Theatre

The music was beautiful, and we had an opportunity to see the orchestra pit underneath the stage where the orchestra plays during the show. I was wondering why the conductor was sitting in front of the stage waving his baton, but nobody was around. The musicians were actually underneath the stage and could see the conductor when he lifted his baton to start the music.

Orchestra Pit

The Circle of Life was one of the highlights of the show. All of the animals were onstage at once (birds flying, elephants, zebras, and giraffes), and it was absolutely magical to see the men and women walking on stilts and dressed in their beautiful costumes during the performance of the song. I wish I could have taken pictures or videos during the play, but we could not film or take pictures until after the show.

The cast of The Lion King

I can watch both The Wiz and The Lion King on repeat because both shows were fascinating and were more than I had anticipated. Experience Broadway with your family and friends. I assure you will not regret it!

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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