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The first time I traveled to Manhattan, I stayed with a colleague from law school, so I didn’t have to stay in a hotel. My oldest daughter has talked about Times Square before, so we decided to find somewhere close to Times Square, especially since we were going to see a show every night on Broadway. So, I Googled, “Five Star Hotels near Times Square.” The Knickerbocker Hotel popped up. Some reviews raved about the quiet, clean rooms, while others talked about the noise from the street since it is in the middle of Times Square. However, I only experienced quiet, clean rooms, a helpful and courteous staff, and a location that was priceless for travelers who are seeking the experience of Broadway and Times Square.

Upon arrival, you notice the hotel on the corner.

The lobby was extra quiet the entire time we were in New York. Whether it was late at night, midday or during early morning hours, it was extremely quiet and relaxed. Of course we left in the morning and did not return until it was time to get ready for the Broadway shows later that night.

Front entrance of the hotel and hallway

According to the reviews, the rooms were rather “spacious” for New York City. They were small to me, but we did have enough room to move about without getting in each other’s way. I can truly say we only slept in this room. We left early in the morning and got back about an hour-and-a-half before the shows every night. We got dressed, then left again for the show and met up with Matt’s family afterwards for a later dinner or walk around Times Square. So, this room served its purpose. It was quiet. I didn’t hear people up and down the halls at night or in the morning. Some reviews of the hotel said they could hear street noise. We were on the 5th floor and couldn’t hear anything, but our room was also not facing the street. It was just a quiet, relaxed hotel. Remember we were also here at the end of May, so that might be a reason it is quiet. If you come during Christmas or the summer when everyone is on vacation, there might be a bit more noise. Since you walk most places in NY, I prefer the city without the summer heat and humidity. So, I would recommend not coming in the middle of summer if you can avoid it.

Room with two queen beds

Desk area



Robes and slippers are complimentary during your stay. These are not my soft Ritz-Carlton robes, but they did the job.

The shower was clean. I always look in the corners for mold and found none.

Did I mention this hotel has a convenient location that can’t be beat? You step out of the hotel, and the subway is only steps away. We got up, jumped on the subway, and when we arrived back at Times Square, we stepped off the subway, hit the stairs, and our hotel was only about 3-4 minutes away. With kids, this was a winner. When I was young, I walked or rode my bike everywhere. These “new kids” can’t walk five steps without being tired. However, this location and its proximity to everything kept the kids’ complaints to a minimum.

As soon as you step out of the hotel and look to your left, Times Square is right there. No need to catch the subway or a cab to get there. You are already in the midst of the action.

This is a picture of me standing in front of the hotel. If you look behind me, that is Times Square.

Times Square

You’re right off Broadway, so walking to shows takes no time. We took the kids to see The Lion King and The Wiz. We walked to both shows in about 5 minutes. Being in close proximity to everything eliminated so much stress. We didn’t worry about rushing because everything was within walking distance.

We walked to every show, and we walked to every restaurant. It was so convenient. Matt’s cousins were staying less than 5 minutes away in Times Square, so this was a perfect location for us. We met up everyday and had lunch or dinner together. We hung out together every night, and we walked back to our hotels in less than 5 minutes.

Security was awesome. I had a couple of packages that arrived for me at the hotel. They were not scrambling looking for my packages. They delivered them to me when I came in or sent them to my room without any issues. If you get on the elevator, you need a key card to get to your floor. You cannot try to jump on with random guests. You have to scan your card, which is specific to your floor only. You cannot use your card to get to another floor or to help someone else get to their room unless they are on your floor. They have a rooftop bar, St. Cloud, which is really popular. Read more about the rooftop here. I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to take pictures of the rooftop. They also have Charlie Palmer Steak IV Restaurant in the hotel as well as Jake’s Coffee Shop, which is named after the hotel founder’s son, Jacob, who was born four months after his father, John Jacob Astor IV, was killed on the Titanic. I learned that John Astor IV was a NY real estate mogul and was worth $87M at the time of his death, which was equivalent to over $2 billion dollars today. There is much history in this hotel, which has served as a getaway for F. Scott Fitzgerald. Does Waldorf-Astoria ring a bell? In 1897, Astor built the Astoria Hotel in New York City, adjoining the Waldorf Hotel owned by Astor’s cousin, William Waldorf Astor. The complex became what we know today as the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

This hotel closed and was revitalized several years ago. This location is second to none! The fact that we didn’t have to walk far to the subway or to Times Square was priceless. Although this was a great hotel, it didn’t really have a 5-star feel. I think it is a great choice for those who want to be close to Broadway, Times Square, and the subway. This hotel also offered great service, and the staff was amazing!

If you’re looking for a place that is convenient and in the middle of everything, try The Knickerbocker!

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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