Catch 25 Seafood and Brewery

Today was a special day. We celebrated Father’s Day, and I wanted to take Matt somewhere special. He loves seafood, so I took him and the kids to Catch 25 Seafood and Brewery downtown Huntsville.

They have an amazing lunch menu Tuesday through Friday from 11-4. Matt was a bit upset that he couldn’t get the Po-Boy, but since we visited the restaurant outside of lunch hours, he didn’t have that option.

An area of the dining room with the brewery in the background

When you step into the restaurant, you can see the brewery through the back windows of the restaurant.

Bar area

My daughter loves seafood. So, she ordered the barbecue oysters. She loved them. She even dipped some of my lobster in the sauce from the oysters when I gave her a bite of my entree.

Barbecue Oysters

I ordered the lobster Alfredo, and it was more than I expected. I was looking forward to chunks of lobster mixed into the fettuccine, but this is what I was served instead! This is how you do lobster Alfredo! You could request garlic butter sauce or some other dipping sauce, but I was fine without any sauces.

Lobster Alfredo topped with an entire lobster

My youngest daughter is a very picky eater, but she actually loved the lobster and asked for more. She ordered chicken tenders and fries because she usually orders whatever is familiar to her. My oldest is an adventurer when it comes to food. She has a diverse palate and will try everything from squid to alligator.

This was a great dish. The Alfredo was not “soupy.” It was just right!

Matt had the lamb chops, which he loved. They fell right off the bone. He has been having some good luck with lamb chops lately. My oldest daughter even helped him eat the lamb.

This rum cake was amazing! The ice cream and the moist pound cake were the perfect pair.

Rum cake

If you’re ever in town, stop by Catch 25 Seafood and Brewery for some good food with friends and family! Check out Catch 25 here.

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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