The Cove at Paradise Island

I quit my job and moved to Paradise Island in The Bahamas. I’m kidding, but I did take a much needed vacation to this beautiful island. My family and I decided to go to Atlantis, and we had several hotels to choose from. We chose The Cove at Atlantis because it had a private beach and was away from the hustle and bustle. Cruise ships docked near The Royal Hotel, which is also on the resort, and I didn’t want to deal with the crowds, especially with two young children. We visited The Royal several times for dinner and the gift shop, and it was so crowded. They were also having grad week where several graduates from high schools visited the island after graduation. A group was there from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is where I used to live. Several hotels are on the Atlantis resort — The Coral, The Reef, The Royal (the most popular hotel), and others, but I’m happy we chose The Cove. It was quiet, beautiful, and the perfect oasis for our five-day getaway.

Upon entering the hotel, you see right through to the ocean.

The lobby is beautiful, and it comes alive at night.

Lobby entrance

Water feature in the lobby

No matter what time you leave your room, a shuttle is waiting to whisk you away to dinner or another hotel to shop or meet friends. The shuttle at The Cove runs 24 hours, so we never had to rent a car to get around the property or walk far. The shuttles were so convenient and ran one after the other. We never waited over 2-3 minutes for a ride. Please note these shuttles only go from hotel to hotel and to Marina Village, which has some shopping and great restaurants. If you want to leave the resort, you have to order a private car or a cab. There was so much to do at Atlantis that we didn’t have to leave.

Walkway to our room

Entrance to the elevator leading to our room

We booked a double room with a living area. Even the smaller rooms were a nice size. All rooms have a living area, a walk-in closet, and a double vanity in the bathroom with a shower and separate soaking tub. Why not a VRBO? If you stay in a hotel on the resort, you get access to the Atlantis resort. If we did not stay at the resort, a day pass would have cost $570 per day for our family. We lived at Atlantis during the day and stayed there all day until we had to come in to shower and get ready for dinner. We ate lunch at the cafes near the pools, which was very convenient. We slept in our rooms and spent very little time just hanging out in our room. A five-day stay would have set us back over $2000 to visit Atlantis everyday, so staying at the resort is your best option if your family wants to spend time at Atlantis everyday. Trust me, the stay was totally worth it!

View of the ocean from the room

This is only a small portion of the living room. I have no idea why I did not take a full picture of the living area, but it was a nice size for everyone to spread out. There was a table with two chairs to the right. My daughter set up her iPad and drew pictures when we were in the room.

In an effort to support the environment, The Cove gives complimentary water bottles for you to use during your stay on the property and to keep as a souvenir. A beach bag and flip flops are also included.

Complimentary beach bag

Complimentary flip flops

The bathroom was large, and the shower was amazing. I could stay in here all day because the water was so hot.

There were two vanities in the bathroom, so there was plenty of room for our family.

This is the receptionist area. All of the decor was so beautiful in this hotel.

There is also a beautiful boutique in the hotel (Escape Boutique).

There is also a restaurant in the hotel (Fish by Jose Andres). We ate at Fish by Jose Andres, which I will blog about later. Seaglass Lounge is also located in The Cove. It is a poolside bar and casino. This lounge was really crowded late at night. There are some slot machines in here as well as a full bar. Although we ate at Fish by Jose Andres at The Cove, we frequented the restaurants at Marina Village for dinner and visited Nobu at The Royal Hotel.

This place is beautiful, and our rooms had ocean views. We could also see the Mayan Temple where the slides are located. We could also see the iconic Royal Hotel from our room. This is a beautiful resort, and I’m glad we stayed here. I must say the last night we were here, apparently there was a leak in one of the rooms, and housekeeping had to shampoo the carpet. You could smell the carpet cleaner in the hallway. I had to open my patio door. We stayed here five nights, but that last night was tough with the carpet cleaner smell. Overall, this is a beautiful hotel that is quiet. The shuttle ran every few minutes to carry you around the resort, so it was convenient. If you don’t want to deal with large crowds, this is your hotel. We could visit The Royal Hotel and the other hotels, but we didn’t have visitors from the other hotels at The Cove. That’s what I loved about the property. If you stay on the Atlantis property in one of their resort hotels, you get free access to the Atlantis water park, which is amazing. So, staying at The Reef, The Coral, The Cove, The Royal, etc. gives you access to the Atlantis water parks. If you haven’t visited, I highly recommend it.

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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