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Being home in the Mississippi Delta always gives me that “warm and fuzzy” feeling inside.  I can visit with my family, see old friends, and eat good cooking.  My mom always prepared a feast whenever I came home to visit, but now that she is no longer here, I think I’ve found a pretty good substitute at The Senator’s Place in Cleveland, Mississippi.


This is THE BEST soul food I have had in a LONG time, and they cook everything well!  I have a problem with so many soul food restaurants because they are not consistent.  You might go one day and the greens are on point, but then a couple of days later, they are salty and can’t be eaten.  The yams might be great one day and the next day, they might not be sweet enough.  I just love consistency, and during my four night stay in Mississippi, each day got better and better.  The Senator’s Place gets “three” (not two) thumbs up!

Yes, this is my plate.  It was actually my second plate.  Don’t judge me, but when I can get good food, I take full advantage.  Mustard greens, smoked chicken, yams, beans, peas, cornbread, and dressing.  The dressing tastes exactly like Mom’s dressing.  Mom put love into her dressing, and so does this restaurant!  My sister is a picky eater when it comes to dressing, but she also loves their dressing.  You HAVE to stop by if you are ever in the Mississippi Delta!


The food is buffet style, and while standing in line, you might be served by Senator Simmons himself!  It’s a family business, and he takes pride in his customers.  Facts about Senator Willie Simmons here.


Senator Simmons has done so much for the community.  My Mom used to talk about him all the time, and of course, he knew her.  Everybody knows Mom!  They both fought for a better community.  I think this is the only restaurant where you can get an awesome meal and register to vote.  Yep, you can register to vote here.  By the way, today is election day.  I hope you voted.  I sure did!


Always remember that despite the outcome in today’s election, God is always in control! That’s what really matters.  Just do your part and VOTE!

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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