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My mom and I used to talk on the phone or Skype every day.  If I got in my car to run an errand, I called her.  If I became bored while sitting at home, I called her.  We were always talking about something.  When she passed, everything was quiet. Sitting in my house throughout the day in silence was the new normal.  I prayed, however, for friends — friends who would share in my triumphs and comfort me during the sad times.  I prayed for women who were strong and who challenged me to do better and be better.  God gave me a wonderful group of women, and I thank Him for that daily.  Friday night, we went to Brush and Bottle on Prince Road in Tucson.  It is a wonderful place that brings out your inner artist.


Brush N Bottle 092

The studio offers numerous beautiful selections for guests to paint.  My favorites, of course, are the paintings of Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  I have to come back and paint these in June.

Brush N Bottle 073


Brush N Bottle 077

They also offer painting for kids.

Brush N Bottle 093

You can paint in a private session with a group if you have 14 people or more.  We painted during a private session, and it was a great start to a fun-filled Mother’s Day weekend.  Bring your own food and drinks, and the studio covers the rest.

Brush N Bottle 101


Brush N Bottle 104

Brush N Bottle 068

I walked into the studio assuming we would be tracing a photo and coloring within the lines like we did in Kindergarten.  I was wrong, and this is the picture we had to paint!   I am not a painter, so this looks intimidating.  Our instructor began the session by cheerfully informing us that this is a difficult picture to paint. 

Brush N Bottle 072

I put my “game face” on and began drawing.  I didn’t follow directions most of the time, but who cares when you’re having fun?

Brush N Bottle 113

Brush N Bottle 120

I know that my picture does not look like the beautiful display photo, but it’s mine, and I love it!

Brush N Bottle 122

Everyone did a wonderful job.  I love these beautiful women, and I want to wish them all a Happy Mother’s Day.  You are an answer to my prayers.

Brush N Bottle 123

To my beautiful mom — I miss you, I love you, and I want to thank you for teaching me how to be a woman of faith, character, and integrity.  I thank God every day that I gave you roses while you were here, and I always told you how much I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!  I am sure you will have the best Mother’s Day this year because you are in an awesome place with an awesome God!

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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