Pink Door Jul24


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Pink Door

I love pink.  I saw this pink door, and I had to stop to take some pics.   The monsoon season is here, so we had to to hurry because a storm was moving in.  It was still beautiful and pleasant outdoors.

Pink Door 083

Blazer (Trina Turk), Minnie pant (J.Crew), sunglasses (Prada), shoes (Calvin Klein), necklace (Arden B.), cuff and ring (H & M)

Although the monsoons bring the temps down a bit, it’s still pretty hot outside…gotta’  push those sleeves up.

Pink Door 076

I love these pants.  I purchased these in April, and J.Crew is sold out of this color.  I have a black pair and the berry pair you see here.  They are a great stretch material and are very comfortable.  I even wore my black ones while I was pregnant because they were so comfortable.

Pink Door 071

I love these baroque sunglasses by Prada.  You probably remember the round baroque sunglasses found here that were introduced a couple of years ago by Prada.  I looked like a cartoon character with the huge round shape on my small face.  Prada finally introduced a square shape, which is a much better fit for my face, although I think both shapes are beautiful.  I have never felt that a pair of sunglasses were too large for my face, but the round ones were a bit large even for me.  I love the fun, curved sides on the baroque styles, and I’m so excited they made the square design.

Pink Door 064

I hope you are having a great week so far, and remember, the weekend is almost here!  God bless, and stay cool!