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I recently sat down with Eleeseia of Makeup by McFashion to talk about her journey as a makeup artist.  Eleeseia is a local artist who is a go-getter and is quickly making her mark in the fashion industry.  She is a beautiful, humble young lady, and I wanted to get the scoop on her fabulous journey.

Image by I See Beauty Photography


Shayla Jay: How long have you been a makeup artist?

E. McFashion: Professionally, I have been an artist since November 2011.  This is when I began working at MAC.  However, I’ve been doing makeup since my sophomore year of college at Tuskegee University.  My mom was also a makeup artist, so I have always been around makeup.  I did makeup for my friends and sisters, but I never had the courage to do it for anyone other than my friends and family.  Working at MAC was the first time I had done makeup for someone other than friends and people in my circle.  I was so accustomed to doing makeup for people of African-American descent, but MAC took me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to expand my boundaries.  I received rave reviews on my first client at MAC, which boosted my confidence.

Image by Manuel Ayala Photographia, dress designed by Jenny Hermalik, model Jen Charles


Shayla Jay:  When did you decide this was your passion?

E. McFashion: I decided it was my passion when I was in college at Tuskegee, but I didn’t think I could make a living doing this.  I thought that I needed to get the education, work in corporate America, etc., but then I realized I could actually make a living doing this.  About six months after working at MAC, I realized this was a lucrative business.  I established my L.L.C. and my name (Makeup by McFashion) in 2012.  McFashion is my biological last name.

Shayla Jay:  It is ironic that your last name is McFashion! It’s such a cool name.  What does your business entail?

E. McFashion:  Thank you!  I do weddings, birthdays, fashion shows, photo shoots, everyday events, and makeup “how to” sessions.  I’m going to begin teaching classes to help women understand how to properly apply makeup that they already have in their daily makeup kits, how to determine which foundation goes great with your skin tone, etc.  Dates and times are to be announced.

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Shayla Jay: When and how did you start your company?

E. McFashion:  On October 10, 2012, I established my L.L.C., and I became airbrush certified in June of 2012.  The wonderful young man that I am dating encouraged me to begin my business.  He is one of my biggest fans and has always encouraged me to go forward with my business. I have positioned myself to continue moving forward.  This venture has really paid off.

Image by Benjamin James


Image by Jenn Lonergan


Shayla Jay:  What are some of your favorite products on the market today?

E. McFashion:  My favorite product is MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.  It just brings life to my face.  That’s one thing I have to have in my personal kit everyday.  I have to have my foundation and my grooming materials for my eyebrows because I don’t have any.  MAC is the best for my skin.  I grew up with acne, so I’m very particular about what I put on my face.  MAC never irritated my skin, so I’m a MAC girl at heart, for sure.

Image by I See Beauty Photography

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Shayla Jay:  Do you have any new ventures in the future that we can look forward to?

E. McFashion: The classes that I spoke about previously will be offered in the future.  We have already obtained a location for the classes. Classes will begin in the next 6-8 weeks.

Shayla Jay: What is your contact info for those who are interested in utilizing your fabulous services?

E. McFashion:  Contact me at or at 520-333-MADE (6233).  I also have a website at Facebook: Makeup By McFashion / Instagram:  Makeupbymcfashion

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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  1. Elizabeth Talton

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL…I love it and I can’t wait to get my makeup done by this talented young woman again..Thank you Eleeseia everybody loved my makeup.

    • Eleeseia

      Thanks Lizzy for all your support! I Love you!

  2. Apache Sanders

    I’m proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished. You have an amazing talent; I’m happy to not only call you my friend, but also my sister. I know that you will have an amazing career as a make-up artist. Congrats on all your success!

    • Eleeseia

      Thanks Apache for the words of encouragement and all of your support! **Tears**

  3. Rachelle Baines

    Eleeseia is a fabulous makeup artist who is talented and has a eye for style. She will enhance your look and have you looking better than you ever imagined. Congrats Eleeseia and I wish you continued success!!!

    • Eleeseia

      Thanks Rachelle for such kind words and all of your support!

  4. Lisa Moret

    CONGRATULATIONS Daughter on another ENDEVER !! ! May Jehovah CONTINUE to find favor in you !–Remember: The Journey is the Reward !! !..XOXOXO

    • Eleeseia

      Thanks Mommy! This truly means a lot and thanks for your continuous prayers towards my success. Love you to pieces!

  5. Dominique Thomas

    Eleeseia did my wedding parties makeup including myself and we were beautiful. The first time Eleeseia and I had ever met was the night before my wedding. Eleeseia did a consultation over the phone since we lived 10 hours apart. She was so professional and detailed that I felt comfortable hiring her. She sent me pictures of her work. She also took ideas that I had and created them on her friends and sent those pictures also. Everyone loved the makeup and I’m so grateful Eleeseia was a part of my big day.

    • Eleeseia

      Thank you so much Dominique!! Thanks for putting your trust in me on such an important day! In addition, you and your bridesmaids made it very easy to do my job and to help making you fierce and flawless for your hubby in seeing you down the aisle!

  6. Makresha

    My Sister so Rocks! Definitely proud that she’s allowed her passion take her to new heights! Congrats E.

    You already know I need my eyebrows done

    • Eleeseia

      lol…You already know I got you! Thanks for always teaching me to follow my dreams! I Love you!

  7. Kimberly

    Your work is a beautiful expression of who you are. You take your time with each person and you do it all with love. That’s the best makeup!

    Supporting you!
    Your friend,

    • Eleeseia

      Thanks Kimmy for your support ALWAYS and your kind words of encouragement! You are definitely a genuine friend!!

  8. Tracy Williams

    There are no words to describe the phenomenal way Eleeseia can turn a look from drab to fab within minutes. Because you have decided to follow your passion, doors will open beyond your imagination. Congratulations on all your present and future success my friend. I can’t wait to see you on the “RED” carpet.

  9. Eleeseia

    From day one you have always been cheering me on with nothing but positive comments and support! Thanks for being a great friend!

  10. Megan the Great

    Yes, the name speaks volume “Ms. MAC Fashion”! I am very proud of you and will always cheer for your triumph in this makeup industry. Your work is #1 brilliant and #2 your warm spirit and pleasant attitude is always superb and will continue to contribute towards your success. Your dreams back then is now your reality and just like the famous McDonald’s motto says: “I’m loving it!” Congrats my friend!

  11. Florina F. Moret

    Congratz niece E. Well done. May God continue to bless you for all your successful upcoming future. Love. Florina & Toni MOret

  12. Minnettte Powell

    I turned 51 on July 16th and celebrated by having a “make-up makeover” and photoshoot. Eleesia did my very first make-up makeover. She was so sweet and personable. I felt like I have known her for years. She made me look like a queen. Thank You Eleesia for making me look DIVALICIOUS!

  13. Chezale

    I had the pleasure of having Eleeseia do my wedding make-up & it was lovely! Not to mention, she made the process that much easier with her sweet & down-to-earth personality! She’s a gifted lady! 🙂