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Baby Jay’s Faves

These are some of the cutest and greatest must haves on my list right now.

Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

I love these shoes, even though they are supposed to be worn on a boat, and there is no water within a couple of hours of Tucson.  These cuties come in matching shoes for baby and me.  The only difference is that my pair has sequin on the shoe.  A great tip is to buy these in little girls’ sizes for mom if you have tiny feet.  Instead of purchasing these in the women’s sizes, I purchased mine for $30 less in the girls’ department!


Stride Rite Shoes

I also love these sweet little Stride Rite shoes.  Who says a baby can’t have happy feet and learn to walk too?  We’ve come a long way from the ugly white, hard bottom shoes we used to wear as toddlers.   These are adorable on little feet!

Baby Bullet

This is one of the greatest inventions ever.  I love my Baby Bullet set by Magic Bullet.  I steam Shayla’s organic veggies and fruits first, and then I puree them in the blender.  It also comes with a wonderful storage system for the freezer.

Baby Bullet Steamer

Of course, this Baby Bullet steamer has been a life saver also.  It comes with a book that tells how long to steam each vegetable or fruit.  Just add water to the base, press the setting given in the manual, and wait for it to beep.  You can also use a steamer on the stove if you have one, but this takes all the guess work out of wondering if the food is actually ready. You won’t have to stand over it and check on it as it steams.

Sage Spoonfuls Cookbook

Sage Spoonfuls is a great cookbook for moms and dads who want to make their own baby food.  I love it because it gives so much information about each meal you are cooking for your baby.  It gives the calories, how long you can store the food, the nutrients found in each one, and even other fruits and veggies  you can add to each dish to make it more appealing to your child.  Shayla hates sweet peas, so I mix it with pear or apple and she eats it with no problem.


Last but definitely not least, is the NoseFrida snotsucker.  Yes, you heard it right.  If you are a parent, you know how frustrating it is hearing your baby struggle to breathe through a mucus filled nose.  Well, this is the best invention since sliced bread and I tell everyone I know about this product.  You put the red tip in your mouth, place the tube at the base of your child’s nose and start sucking.  Yes, it sounds really gross, but there is a filter and trust me, none of the boogies ever get close to the filter.  It will not pass germs, so it is safe, and it is a lot better than those stinkin’ bulb suckers you can buy at your local store.  Those things are either too forceful or too weak to pull anything out of the baby’s nose.   If you want to get a good night’s sleep, buy this thing and suck away!  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!  Note: Babies hate getting their noses wiped and they definitely don’t like anyone sticking anything near their nose, so it might take both you and someone else to make this work  successfully.  Matt and I had to tag team poor Shayla, but it worked.

That’s all folks!  I hope you are having a great week, and remember, the weekend is almost here!