Lazy Day Jan20


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Lazy Day

So, my six-pack is officially gone, every body part has expanded, and most of my pre-pregnancy pants no longer fit, even with the belly band.  I can no longer sleep on my stomach and the foods I love most are now on my “do not eat” list.  On this particular day, the weather was gloomy, I was sleepy, and I felt lazy. I’d rather be home with the covers over my head.  And yes, I’d rather sit than stand.

This outfit is very comfortable.  The sweater is soft, the pants gave me a little room to grow, and the moccasins are wonderful.

Jeans (Paige premium denim), shoes (Ferragamo), patch sweater (Banana Republic), wristlet (Coach)

Well, I’m preparing for a wonderful weekend, and I hope you are doing the same.  Be safe, and I’ll see you next week!