There’s No Place Like Home

Home is truly where my heart is.  I miss being away from my family, but I am so grateful that we have been able to see each other twice within the past three months.  My parents were in Atlanta during Memorial Day weekend, so I visited them and other family members in Georgia at that time.  However,  last weekend I went to Ruleville, Mississippi, the town where I was born and raised.  I really enjoyed my time at home where I hung out with my family and relaxed.

I don’t know if you remember me stating in my last post that I prefer to wear dark colors in the hot, humid south.  I packed several black crew neck and v-neck tees.  This was “black t-shirt #2.”   The field pant that I am wearing is light cotton and linen, which is perfect for those hot summer afternoons.  J.Crew is apparently having a huge clearance sale in stores and online.  These pants were priced originally at $75.00.  They are now $11.99 if you get an extra 40% off the sales price in stores.

Field pant (J.Crew), t-shirt (Banana Republic), handbag (BCBGMaxazria), shoes (Nine West), sunglasses (Burberry)



My mother and I visited the Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden in Ruleville.  Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was a civil rights activist who fought for the right of African-Americans to vote.  She was a pioneer and a symbol of resiliency.  She was steadfast and determined to win in the fight for equal rights.  Her famous words, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” resound around this nation.  Although I did not have the privilege of meeting her, my mother and grandmother knew her well.  They talked about her and how she was relentless in her quest for equality.  When people ask me where I am from, I tell them that I am from the Mississippi Delta.  I then ask if they have ever heard of Fannie Lou Hamer.  There are some people who know nothing about her, but there are many who recount what they have read about her in books or have seen on television in documentaries.  As I was sitting in the salon last week, I read an excerpt in Essence Magazine in which a woman referred to Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer’s strength.   She was indeed a strong woman, and I am proud to know that she successfully fought for me to become a voting citizen as I am today.  I exercise my right and will continue to do so, knowing what noble men and women before me had to endure.

This memorial garden is a great tribute to a woman who has done so much for others in her community.

Last, but not least, those who know me know that I had to drive my sweetheart — my 1995 Chevy Camaro.  When I got married last year, I gave my Camaro to my dad.  It still looks great and drives like new.  I drove her throughout college, during law school, and many years after I graduated from law school.  I still remember the day my dad and I went to the dealer to look for a car.  This Camaro was in the back row and I had to drive her.  It was love at first sight, and the rest is history!  She has traveled over 200,000 miles and is still going strong.  I will always love my Camaro!

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I am in a field.  There are butter beans, huge okra and an array of other fruits and vegetables in a large garden right in front of me.  I have no idea what is growing in the massive field behind me.


This Mississippi sunset makes me want to put on my red shoes and click my heels like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz —  “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.”  I miss the quietness of the country, but I can look forward to the next time I visit my family in Ruleville.

I’ll see you guys on Friday for my next post.  I hope you are having a great week!

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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  1. doris mcgee

    Hi, Ms. Lady. How are you doing? This page is very motivating. I am sending it to my daughter so she can follow you. Keep up the good work.

    • admin

      Thanks Doris! I am doing great and I am so excited about your daughter following the blog.

  2. Minnette

    There is truly no place like home. I love the South and it’s history. Thanks for the blog 🙂

    • admin

      You’re welcome, Minnette! I love the South too, and I hope people become aware of our hero, Fannie Lou Hamer.

  3. Mom

    It was great having you home. It was wonderful accompanying you to the places around the historic town of Ruleville. Your dad and I are enjoying the Camaro. By the way, those are soybeans in the field behind you.


    • admin

      Thanks Mom! I had a great time during my stay and I can’t wait to come back.

  4. Anonymous

    Great job Shayla, I always believed that you were exceptional not to say that your other siblings aren’t each of you are unique. Your style is conservative, stylish, alluring and sexy without being so revealing. I love that. I pray that many more young girls will follow you on this journey. God Bless and know that I truly love you and am so very proud of the young black woman that you have become. Kudos!

    • shaylajay

      Thank you for your kind words and for your support!

  5. slgrey

    I love how you keep things in pristine condition- from your clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and yes, the Camaro…lol!! It looks like new. It’s wonderful that you were able to drive it all those years and give it back to your father.

    • shaylajay

      I love to purchase things that are timeless and classic, even my cars! The Camaro was purchased for me by my dad, but it is truly one of those classics that I knew would never go out of style. People were asking to buy it over 10 years later! I now drive a Cadillac, and the dealership is trying to buy it back now because of the high demand. I will drive my Cadillac until I can drive it no longer. I keep things forever and I take care of my things.

  6. Christie

    Shayla, I agree there is no place like home. I love taking this trip down memory lane and I remember your car and the night you brought it back to Southern. Your blog is so good sweetie. Keep it up!

    • shaylajay

      Those were the days! I remember the night I drove it back to SU too. Where does the time go? It flies so quickly!