Think Pink

Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe in pink.”  I, too, believe in pink.  That’s why I purchased this fun scarf from Harold’s several years ago.  It has cute, colorful pictures of shoes allover and the colors are still rich as if I purchased it yesterday.  This gathered leather  Madison Sophia from Coach is one of my favorite handbags.  My wonderful husband purchased it for me for Christmas.  I love details, and the gathered leather on this bag makes it a must-have.  Although this color is no longer available at Coach, you can purchase black, bone or parchment in the gathered leather Madison Sophia.  What’s a great bag without a cute scarf to add a pop of color?  I own numerous scarves, which are a great addition to any handbag.

Most designers (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc.) carry ponytail scarves and regular scarves, which can be tied around your ponytail, tied onto your handbag or worn as a headband.

I believe in pink even on rainy days.  That’s why I wear this fun, pink jacket from JCrew on those days when the sky is gray and the rain is falling. I love the hip, pink color, the belted waist, the slits on the sleeves and the ruffle collar.

Jacket (JCrew), shorts (Club Monaco), ring (H&M), necklace (Arden B.), scarf (Harold’s), handbag (Coach).


The slits on the sleeves are a great added detail.

I also love the slit pockets on the side.  This jacket is great for downpours because the fabric is actually water-repellent and very lightweight. 

This jacket pairs well with jeans, slacks, shorts or a frilly skirt and adds a little happiness to any gloomy day.  By the way, I hope you are having a wonderful week, and I’ll see you later this week for “casual Friday.”

Shayla Jay

Shayla Jay


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  1. Haute Pink

    Love the pink jacket, the bag and the scarf. Great combo! I never really thought about putting a scarf on my handbag, but it is really cute and it does add color to the gray handbag.

    • shaylajay

      Thanks. Although many designers make scarves that go with their handbags, you can use scarves from clothing companies to put on your purse. I have scarves from Tiffany’s. Harold’s and Banana Republic. I use them all on handbags and as headbands. I don’t know if Harold’s is still in business. The one that was located where I used to live closed.

  2. London

    Love the pink. It’s my favorite color. The bag is gorgeous!

  3. Minnette

    I love the outfit and i’m going to start using my scarves as well. That pink scarf and the jacket are HOT!!!

    • shaylajay

      Thanks, Minnette. I love my scarves. I’ve only worn one around my neck once. I usually wear them on my handbag or as a headband when I wear my hair in a ponytail. They are fun and you can buy them in numerous colors and styles. Most handbag designers make scarves that look great with their handbags.

  4. Joan

    I love that jacket, the purse and the idea of using the scarf on the handbag. I have seen scarves on handbags, but I never really thought about making the style my own. I have to try it. It looks great!

  5. colleen

    Love the scarf! You look great in pink!

    • shaylajay

      Thanks Colleen!

  6. DJ

    I am beginning to like pink!

  7. Isha Cogorn

    Pink – fuchsia to be exact – is my favorite color! You’ll never catch me without it on. Even if it’s just on my lips or toes.

    • shaylajay

      Love it! Fuchsia was one of my wedding colors.

  8. pl

    Love the idea of adding a scarf to purse–never knew what to do with my collection. Also love the hot pink jacket; I’ll be out looking for one of my own! Thanks for the great ideas, SJ!

  9. Rayetta

    Shayla, I love your style! I will definitely be incorporating the “scarf thing” to my collection!!!

    • shaylajay

      Thanks Rayetta. Scarves are so much fun!